CCNA Curricula Translation Initiative

Curricula Translation Initiative
The Cisco Networking Academy is focusing on Curricula Translation to meet the growing demand for translated curricula.

In support of this initiative, we will focus first on ensuring that our course content, software, and delivery platforms are written in international English and designed to be translation-friendly. This focus will support more cost-effective and timely translations.

The Curricula Translation team has been established within the Networking Academy to accomplish the following objectives:

    * Create a scalable framework and cost-efficient process that will support the demand for translated curricula within a reasonable timeframe after new curricula releases
    * Develop a go-to-market strategy for new curricula translations
    * Manage prioritized translations to ensure quality
    * Document internationalization standards for use in curricula development
    * Test new curricula to ensure that they meet internationalization standards

The Curricula Translation team will manage the translation and release of new curricula in languages with the greatest impact on the sustainability and growth of the global Networking Academy program. We are also in the process of developing a solution to support local translation into additional languages.
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