Introduction to Computer Networks

When an enterprise grows to include branch offices, e-commerce services, or global operations, a single LAN network is no longer sufficient to meet its business requirements. Wide area network (WAN) access has become essential for larger businesses today.

There are a variety of WAN technologies to meet the different needs of businesses and many ways to scale the network. Adding WAN access introduces other considerations, such as network security and address management. Consequently, designing a WAN and choosing the correct carrier network services is not a simple matter.

In this chapter, you will begin exploring some of the options available for designing enterprise WANs, the technologies available to implement them, and the terminology used to discuss them. You will learn about selecting the appropriate WAN technologies, services, and devices to meet the changing business requirements of an evolving enterprise. The activities and labs confirm and reinforce your learning.

Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to identify and describe the appropriate WAN technologies to enable integrated WAN services over a multilocation enterprise network.
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