Metro Ethernet Benefits Networking Technology.

Metro Ethernet
Metro Ethernet is a rapidly maturing networking technology that broadens Ethernet to the public networks run by telecommunications companies. IP-aware Ethernet switches enable service providers to offer enterprises converged voice, data, and video services such as IP telephony, video streaming, imaging, and data storage. By extending Ethernet to the metropolitan area, companies can provide their remote offices with reliable access to applications and data on the corporate headquarters LAN.

Benefits of Metro Ethernet include:

Reduced expenses and administration-Metro Ethernet provides a switched, high-bandwidth Layer 2 network capable of managing data, voice, and video all on the same infrastructure. This characteristic increases bandwidth and eliminates expensive conversions to ATM and Frame Relay. The technology enables businesses to inexpensively connect numerous sites in a metropolitan area to each other and to the Internet.
Easy integration with existing networks-Metro Ethernet connects easily to existing Ethernet LANs, reducing installation costs and time.

Enhanced business productivity-Metro Ethernet enables businesses to take advantage of productivity-enhancing IP applications that are difficult to implement on TDM or Frame Relay networks, such as hosted IP communications, VoIP, and streaming and broadcast video.
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