Cisco Enhances Popular CCNA Prep Center

Cisco Systems® today announced that more than 50,000 individuals have now signed up to take advantage of the bundle of free services available on the CCNA Prep Center, a Cisco Internet portal designed to assist networking professionals preparing for CCNA certification. As a component of the Cisco Career Certifications Program, the CCNA Prep Center now includes several new innovative features demonstrating Cisco's ongoing commitment to the knowledge sharing community.

Open to anyone with a login, the CCNA Prep Center provides certification candidates access to a wide variety of resources, including practice questions, labs, simulations, tips, expert advice, success stories and peer discussion forums. The CCNA Prep Center also allows networking professionals to easily access information and formal training from Cisco Learning Solutions Partners.

Recent enhancements to the CCNA Prep Center include:

    * CCNA: Ask-the-tutor - A tool that has been developed specifically for candidates seeking to complete CCNA certifications. Visitors can ask technical questions about CCNA topics.
    * A Games Trilogy that includes San Rover (Storage Networking), Network Defenders (Security), Rockin' Retailer (IP Communications)
    * Revised INTRO and ICND practice questions
    * A new set of CCNA Practice Questions from Cisco's Exam Team
    * CCNA videos that cover topics, such as ACLs, Routing Protocols, IP Addressing and VLANs
    * Expert Advice from Cisco and Cisco Learning Solutions Partners CCNA Experts
    * New Cisco Learning Solutions Partners contributors including, Element K, Sunset Learning Institute and Global Knowledge
    * An Exam Interface Tutorial
    * New simulations, exam tips and special offers from Cisco Learning Solutions Partners

"Cisco is pleased to continue to provide invaluable support and training to individuals interested in career certifications," said Don Field, director of certifications at Cisco Systems. "The Prep Center provides a range of resources that help individuals sharpen their skills while also providing access to additional material and training that will help them successfully complete their certification."

Though the site provides useful training, practice and resources for CCNA, candidates are encouraged to contact a Cisco Learning Partner for training and access to additional resources that will help them obtain CCNA certification.

CCNA certifications validate the foundation and apprentice knowledge of networking professionals. CCNA certified professionals can install, configure and operate LAN, WAN and dial access services for small networks (100 nodes or fewer), including but not limited to use of these protocols: IP, IGRP, Serial, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLANs, RIP, Ethernet and Access Lists.
About Cisco Career Certifications

The widely respected Cisco Career Certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers and the organizations that employ them. Cisco offers three levels of general certification: Associate, Professional and Expert. Each is available in various tracks such as Routing and Switching, Network Security and Service Provider. A variety of Cisco Qualified Specialist focused certifications are also available to show knowledge in specific technologies, solutions or job roles. For Cisco Career Certifications information, visit

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