CCNA Practice Exam

The Free CCNA Workbook practice exam is designed to test your knowledge relating to CCNA level technologies. It is not recommended that you use this exam to gauge your readiness for the actual Cisco CCNA Exam.

The majority of the questions found in this practice exam were created from the content found in the Free CCNA Workbook however this exam will test you on the full CCNA Exam blueprint and not the just the ICND2 (Configuration Portion) of the CCNA Exam. Questions from the ICND1 exam may include but are not limited to; Subnetting, OSI Reference Model, Network basics and theory.

Please note that NONE of the questions in this CCNA practice exam were taken from the actual CCNA certification exam. Keep in mind that Cisco Certification exams utilize a forensic analysis exam engine which can detect individuals who may have used brain dumping materials. Brain dumping is the process in which an exam candidate memorized all the REAL questions and answers for the exam before taking the exam to ensure that they pass. However; If the forensic engine flags you for suspicion, you could risk losing ALL of your Cisco certifications and be banned from the Cisco Career Certifications program permanently.

CCNA Exam Tips
  • Time management is important, you get 90 minutes to answer approximately 70 questions. With that in mind, on average you can only spend one minute and thirty seconds on each questions.
  • Pay attention to key details in the router simulator portions of the CCNA exam.
  • When taking the exam you will receive a dry erase board with a market and eraser. Take the time during the 10 minute survey before the exam starts to write out a subnet chart and other useful general information.
  • You cannot go back to previous questions on the exam once the answer has been submitted. Once you submit your answer you cannot change the answer. Review each question thoroughly before clicking the "Next Question" button.

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